Meet Our Staff

STEVEN DRIVE LIWE IS THE GUIDE LEADER, He had been guide in carstensz pyramid around 9 years, and almost 36 times leading expedition in Carstensz Pyramid.

INDONESIA MOUNTAIN GUIDES TEAM specialist to guide and organize all the volcanoes in indonesia and also guiding in Carstensz Pyramid in West Papua Indonesia. With years of experiences on the fields, our team consist experts guides.

We have been guiding and organized  Carstensz Pyramid Expedition since 1999. We also used a few access to approaching the mountain: Use Private Charter Helicopter, Trekking from Ilaga Village, Beoga, Sugapa, and Hoya Village.

Our team has been working with many companies and individuals climber local and oversea to provide guides, logistic and to get all permit related to the Carstensz pyramid expedition.  And over 50  times reach summit Carstensz Pyramid safe and successful.

The ascent of Carstensz Pyramid truly is major league mountaineering, and likely the trip of a lifetime. There is much to learn about becoming an expedition climber, and we are available to assist you in every phase; from answering pre-climb questions to the summit and the return, safely.
The top Priority to  our expeditions is Safety.  While mountaineering carries with it inherent dangers, we do everything within our ability to minimize the risk.  Another important objective includes reaching the summit or achieving the client's intended to goals on our trips.

we looking forward to seeing you in the mountain


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