Training For Expedition

Climb Carstensz Pyramid is a serious physical, demanding a lot from your body. Trekking from the classic route Ilaga village. Takes around 5-6 days to reach Carstensz base camp and 3-4 days return from Base Camp to Ilaga village.  Hard and tough trekking through, cloudy-rain forest, hilly terrain, muddy trail, highland swamp,  crossing the river.and walking around, 7-8 hours a day.

The weather : be prepared  for a wide range of temperatures; from freezing nights, to adverse snow and wind conditions, to bright sunshine intensified by the high altitude. This wide fluctuation in temperature makes it important to bring everything on the equipment list.

Running, cycling walking up hills and stair climbing are excellent ways to condition your lower body. And also you need basic skill  rock climbing experience, artificial climbing is really important when you climb Carstensz Pyramid. Strength and endurance training should be your primary focus.

Mountaineering is a physical demanding sport, physical fitness is one of the factors of mountaineering over which we can exert a great deal of control. We strongly encourage participants to complete technical training at least two months prior to a schedule of the expedition departure.  

When submitting Climb Carstensz Pyramid  Registration, prospective climbers should list in detail: all previous mountaineering experience; formal training and skills instruction; additional  rock climbing experience, alpine scrambling, backpacking, winter camping, and all other outdoor experience


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